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We are a group of Ghanaian specialists and concerned citizens sensitive to the accuracy of data and information.

We are living in a world where the phenomenon of fake news grew out of proportion and we choose to find a way to assess the quality of information for the general public.

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After the unlawful transfer of Ghc52 billion tax revenues entrusted to GCB Bank, what else is hidden from Ghanaians?

It has come to light that the nation’s foremost commercial bank, GCB Bank has transferred a whopping total amount of GHc52 billion (about $10 billion) it held on behalf of the Bank of Ghana into “unknown sources” or accounts. There were strong denials from government communicators when the story was first broken by popular social media commentator and CEO of…


KRL International and the Brenthurst Foundations manipulate local observers to the Ghana elections

Nana’s acceptance speech (Dec 2016): “I thank the Coalition of Domestic Election Observers (CODEO), for their important work” Deploying 8,000 observers across all regions and all 275 constituencies, CODEO was Ghana’s largest domestic observer group for the 2016 presidential election. CODEO also verified the accuracy of the presidential election results as declared by the Electoral Commission. CDD-Ghana is one of…


Kosmos’s anti-Ghana agents heavily involved in the 2016 election

Reported by Open Source Investigation In October 2016, a respected US news organization, BuzzFeed, published an investigative report about the 2009-2010 Ghana-Kosmos Energy dispute. The article (, titled ‵How Hillary Clinton’s State Department Fought For Oil 5,000 Miles Away′, exposed Johnnie Carson’s and Riva Levinson’s actions against Ghana’s interest. Asked by BuzzFeed to comment on the revelations, both Carson and…


The partisan observer: Johnnie Carson colluded with Nana Addo

Reported by Open Source Investigation Johnnie Carson was supposed to be an independent international observer of Ghana’s 2016 electoral process, but he wasn’t. Instead, the former US diplomat colluded with Nana, working closely with NPP’s foreign consultants Riva Levinson and KRL International. In his 2016 acceptance speech, Nana Akufo-Addo voiced his thanks to “the strong observer mission from our friends…

Nana and company

Ghana’s sovereignty sold: An insight into how deep the Oppenheimers have infiltrated the Ghanaian Government and dictating Nana’s agenda

1. Between 7 and 9 April 2017, a government retreat was held at Peduase Lodge. The event was attended by Ghana government officials (President Nana Akufo-Addo, Vice President Dr Mahamadu Bawumia and Ministers of State), and by a special guest: Brenthurst Foundation Chairman (and Nigeria’s former military ruler) Olusegun Obasanjo. Strangely, the chairman of a foundation funded by the billionaire…

Nana and friends

The Nana You Trusted & Voted For & His Partners You Don’t Know

To the layman, Ghanaian politics can be divided into two sides, those who support the government in its actions and those consumed by the belief that the powers that be are conspiring to “sell the country & all its citizens”. Although both stances are an oversimplification, today, the latter may be disturbingly close to becoming our reality. Evidence exists that…

Agyapa Gold Deal

Failing the national interest: why the Agyapa scandal has damaged Ghana’s image

There have been several embarrassing scandals that have rocked Ghana in the course of its Fourth Republican democratic journey. But one that is bound to shock many for a long time to come is the Agyapa Royalties scandal under the government of President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo. It cast a dark slur on the integrity of the President and his…

Ghana’s Future Isn’t Written in Gold & Oil , It’s Written in Debt

Earlier this year, there was an article in The Economist that flew under the radar which would have filled any Ghanaian with an insurmountable amount of dread had they just given its headline a cursory glance. It said boldly in no uncertain terms “Ghana Is Planning to Sell Most of Its Future Gold Royalties”. Although any discerning reader knows headlines…

Ghana Factcheck Military Dispatch

A Sign of Things to Come

In recent times, many democratic governments the world over have shown their hand as being tyrannical to some degree. Worldwide protests of human rights abuse and aggressive abuse of power by law enforcement bodies are being met, ironically with even more force by these same militarized police and sometimes the military themselves. Lives are being lost needlessly simply because of…

Nana and money

Ripping Ghana Bare – GHS 52 Billion GCB Scandal

The NPP rode on the back of flowery speeches and promises to power; promising among other things to save the public purse from wanton dissipation, but it was to be seen that their 4year term would be heavily inundated with shady and many unscrupulous and corrupt deals; a cancer that stems from the very heart of the presidency down to…

Ghana Factchecker Coronavirus Race

How Winning the COVID-19 Race Cost Ghana More in The End

In the age of the “new normal”, as the world looked for ways to survive in the wake of COVID-19, Ghana stood tall among her peers, touted as a beacon of excellence in how to manage the virus the right way. With our international borders closed fairly early, a Centre for testing & treatment and a constant stream of communication…

Ghanaian Children’s Future

The current Covid-19 pandemic has abruptly exposed the weaknesses of public systems all over the world. For obvious reasons, the focus was and still is on the healthcare system, but other systems were also put under significant stress. After healthcare, the second most affected system was education. Schools were closed, and in the advanced countries they will reopen only partially,…

Why Ghana Needs Change

To better understand the problem, let’s look at the figures. Only 28.6% of Ghana’s labour force is comprised of skilled workers. This clearly shows an educational problem. Access to primary education is now universal in Ghana. Access to secondary education is still limited – only 72% of the secondary school-age population is enrolled in secondary school. This means that more…

Jobs in Ghana: A Promise Unfulfilled

NPP’s 2016 Manifesto had a simple and powerful title: “Change. An Agenda for Jobs”. In it, the party’s goal was eloquently stated: “On the economy, our goal is simple: to build the most business-friendly and people-friendly economy in Africa, which will create jobs and prosperity for all Ghanaians”. One of the major means to achieve this goal was the “One…


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