The Nana You Trusted & Voted For & His Partners You Don’t Know

To the layman, Ghanaian politics can be divided into two sides, those who support the government in its actions and those consumed by the belief that the powers that be are conspiring to “sell the country & all its citizens”. Although both stances are an oversimplification, today, the latter may be disturbingly close to becoming our reality.

Evidence exists that President Akufo Addo is in bed with the Oppenheimer family, a multi-billionaire South African dynasty which founded Anglo American, a global mining company as well as DeBeers, the worlds leading diamond company and this shady collection having its hooks in our mineral wealth thanks to our sitting government is not even the worst of it.

The Oppenheimer family has major interests in Ghana. Anglo American has founded the AngloGold Ashanti company. De Beers have been present in Ghana since the early 90s. Greg Mills, a close friend of the Oppenheimer family, has been the director of Brenthurst Foundation since 2004.

 President Akufo Addo, since coming to power in 2016 has been deeply involved with a British firm known as Sabi Strategy and this is alarming for a few reasons. It was Sabi Strategy that is masterminding Nana Addo’s “Ghana Beyond Aid” PR scheme and they’re also directly employed by the Brenthurst Foundation, a powerful and shady organization created and funded by the same Oppenheimer family. Olusegun Obasanjo, former military head of state and president of Nigeria, has been the chairman of The Advisory Board of the Brenthurst Foundation since 2013. The Brenthurst Foundation was established in 2004 ( The same Greg Mills is Sabi Strategy’s Senior Advisor. (

Like Cambridge Analytica, the British data agency accused of wrongfully harvesting data from millions of Facebook users to aid in Donald Trump’s shocking win the 2016 U.S. elections, Sabi Strategy also played a key role in the controversial “Vote Leave” campaign which resulted in the ongoing Brexit debacle. “Ghana Beyond Aid” is not very different from the aforementioned campaigns as Sabi Strategy is using the same shady tactics it is known for to harvest personal data in order to coerce the will of the average Ghanaian citizen unbeknownst to them. Henry Sands, Sabi Strategy founder and managing director, is a Brenthurst Associate ( Sands is Brenthurst Foundation’s Media Officer (

While using public funds of $1 million to reward electoral consultants such as Washington-based KRL International, Sabi Strategy is only the second foreign political consultancy firm which the NPP government has hired.

All of this information although not being publicly discussed is readily available if you know what to look for.

– What is the NPP planning? Why does it need these sketchy characters involved in order to reach its goal?

– Who hired Sabi Strategy, how much were they paid for their services and where did that money come from? What are the terms of the agreement and why was it made in secret?

– What kind of data has Sabi Strategy collected about the Ghanaian people so far and what does Nana Akufo Addo plan to use that information for?

– Why has the Government entrusted a foreign company with collecting personal data of Ghana’s citizens in the first place?

– What is the current relationship between Nana/NPP/Government and Sabi Strategy/Henry Sands?

Is the future of the country going to be left up to chance? For the latter, only you can answer it.

Nana Akufo-Addo

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Abdul Razak

Ghana is in the wrong hands 😪😪😪


This is so frightening and scary.


Nana Corrupt Akuffo Addo is the most wicked , aimless,block headed ,useless and the most scammer government in the history of this country and most of us have know the truth and the is no way we will give him the chance he will be uproot and thrown out like Trump ,what kind of leader is this ,he is a DEMON

Kinkar we

Nana Addo and his family and Npp, are evil. Doing everything not in the interest of people of Ghana, but for him and his family. Nana Addo sold out all his family property, so seeling Ghana to other nationa, is nothing to him. But the God, and the gods of our land, will deal with him. Evil Man.