A Sign of Things to Come

In recent times, many democratic governments the world over have shown their hand as being tyrannical to some degree. Worldwide protests of human rights abuse and aggressive abuse of power by law enforcement bodies are being met, ironically with even more force by these same militarized police and sometimes the military themselves. Lives are being lost needlessly simply because of ideals that are not at all controversial such as #BlackLivesMatter #StopKillingUs & #EndSARS. We have seen these acts play out enough times to be able to predict them almost with perfect precision.

It almost always begins with an inciting event, someone recounts a story of how someone close to them was abused or killed, this snowballs into others sharing their experiences which leads to physical congregation when the online petitions are met with a deaf ear. The government almost always responds with force denying the protestors who are almost always in that moment simply marching or protesting nonviolently and it just gets worse from there on. This formula for predicting the exposure of tyranny is nearly a science at this point, but there are aspects that people fail to recognize.

Sometimes the government sees it coming ahead of time and takes steps to silence the people “before they get too confident”, sometimes they militarize the police ahead of protests, sometimes they even mobilize the military into vantage positions so they can more easily carry out whatever genocidal motives they may have. Many Ghanaians think our government is a different but when you look closer at the recent mobilization and presence of the military in civilian spaces so soon after the horrors that have befallen our neighboring Nigeria, it raises a single question. What is the government planning to do which needs the army involved? Why have they been sent to the Volta region en masse?


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